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30 Days with Rose

A Personal Journey into the Heart of Wisdom

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by Monique Janes

I'm delighted to invite you into this unique and extraordinary offering. When Monique first shared it with me, I was not only honoured, I found Rose's Wisdom and Monique's honesty both very compelling and touching.

I heartfully recommend that you begin with the short Intro reading, then move on to experience each Day with Rose in the same way Monique did, in sequence, one Day at a time. Each post takes only one-three minutes to read. If you happen to join us late, previous posts will still be available below. Please, engage the wisdom slowly, peacefully, gently ...

Jaki Daniels - Jan. 2022

Monique Janes

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Introduction and Request
Rose Preamble Lucinda 2.jpg
Day 1
Monique's Daily Journal
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