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Rose - Day 13

December 29, 2020

Drinking Rose

You permeate my soul ♥︎

Difficult for me to put words to actions/intentions.

They are always Felt.

Gets muddled with the chatter.

The chatter isn’t Felt.

Intention/prayer is always there. In everything we think, do, say.

Intention = Prayer

Humans are always praying/intending/asking.

Ask and ye shall receive. ♾

Only humans?

Does intellect pray, or intelligence?

Intellect prays.

Intelligence responds.

Intelligence is Always.

It is prayer Itself.

Intelligence carries out the asking.

However that may look.

Intelligence Does.

Am I a healer?

You All Are.

When intelligence is tapped into.

You call it Love.

Everything here has the capacity to heal.

When it is asked.

Beautiful feelings of Love rush in.

Allowing = Releasing

Releasing focus.

You are quite serious.

Only as serious as you want/ask me to be.

Smiles, and winks.


Never not.

Went to pick up a book to read, and another.

None appealed.

Too intellectual ha ha

You’re very drying.

Dry eyes.

Went to pick up cell phone and heart skipped some beats.

Back to sitting ♥︎

Chips last night - not so good!

Coffee enema today - not so good!


Never felt that in the two weeks of coffee enemas!!

Perhaps the daily ingestion of raw cacao paste had something to do with that.

Knew going in both times - the chips and the coffee, not good.

Rose is a totally different frequency.

Such an amazing shift!

From Be-wareness to A-wareness!! ☺︎




As a person who will try anything once, especially something known to be therapeutic, I did a two week stint of coffee enemas (after much research) and found it to be quite an interesting process. Here is a starting point for anyone interested:


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