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Rose - Day 9

December 25, 2020

Cousin is here.

Santa Maria thoughts.

She is a strong force.

What is her vibrational level I wonder.

(Thinking about two ex-friends)

Oh My ☹︎

Reconciliation Within with these two.


Things don’t leave until they teach us what we need to learn.

To remember.

Both gone because of the "virus".

That being, division, separation.

Showing who people are.

And who is that?

What does it matter when we are all connected by God?

So many levels to look at this from.

Simpler when looked at from only their level.

You have an advantage, a gift to SEE the bigger picture.

How do I share that?

You have been.

Some will not accept it.

Doesn’t mean you stop.

Simply look at how it is being shared.

You have to meet people where they are at.

I have trouble with that.

There’s a starting point.

It feels like pretending.

It’s all pretending!

If it’s too much, let them go.

For now.



Give your attention to the ones who love you.



Santa Maria refers here to cannabis. More on this can be found here:

In aromatherapy we touched upon the vibrational frequencies of the essential oils. There are many interesting articles to be found on this subject. I didn’t, however, find an answer to this particular question. Only how Santa Maria works on changing a person’s frequency. A symbiosis with many factors involved, not the least of them being reciprocity, due to her psychoactive properties.


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