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Jaki offers her services as a Spiritual Elder for community and private events, which include sacred fires, pipe ceremonies, vision quest ceremonies, sweat lodges and other blessings and ceremonies. She has been an Ordained Minister with the Circle of the Sacred Earth (USA) since 2004.

Vision Quest 2016


  • Annual Vision Quest - co hosted with traditional Cree Elder Fishwoman

  • Spring Prayer Tie Ceremony

  • Harvest Ceremony

  • Incan Death Rites Ceremony

  • Sacred Fire Circles

  • Seasonal Pipe Ceremonies

  • Sweat Lodges (Covid Restricted)

  • Private ceremonies.

Spring Prayer Tie Ceremony

Hosted by Jaki Daniels

Planting the Seeds of our Hopes and Dreams.

Spring Crocus

Celebrating Spring and New Beginnings with a Sacred Fire, Prayer Ties, Community, and Song. In the Season of Spring the changing light heralds the end of winter and a burst of energy is released from Mother Earth that stirs the plants, animals,

and us! This ceremony is about planting seeds - the seeds of your hopes and dreams for the coming year. It is a time of gathering by the fire in the evening light to get quiet inside, to pray, and to vision the year ahead.

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