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Dates for each year are posted in February

Spring Ceremony

Planting the Seeds of our Hopes and Dreams.

Friday April 12, 2024

Honouring Bear

Saturday May 25, 2024

Spring Crocus

In this evening ceremony we gather round a sacred fire with soil, seeds, tobacco, and prayers. Supported by the community of participants and the wisdom of the four directions we take the time to get quiet inside and tune in to our hopes and dreams for the coming year.

With reverence these ‘ingredients’ are wrapped into bundles (or prayer ties) that will serve as containers through the entire growing season, until late fall when its time to gather again to take stock and share the harvest.

Bear enriches our lives in many ways, and in our spiritual community, often comes forward as a Teacher of wisdom and healing. This ceremony features the stories of our encounters with Bear, both in the physical world and in our dreams, visions, and journeys.

Image by Zdeněk Macháček

We acknowledge and celebrate the gifts that Bear has brought into our lives.


June 30-July 5, 2024

Grandmother Celestina

A Ceremony of Introduction

Full for 2024

automne 2008 104.jpg

This is a 4 day intensive ceremony guided by the wisdom of the Mountain Teachers. From its humble beginnings as The Way of The Mountain in 2013, expanding into The Mountains Speak! in 2019, it is now further expanded into a time of both solitude and community.

Each participant will spend the day alone, allowing the morning teaching/theme to integrate and take root, and the evenings will be spent sharing a meal, stories, and song. The theme is to awaken that which lies dormant within you, enlivening and re-membering your gifts and purpose here.

Have you ever had a special experience with a mountain? Would you like to be introduced to one of our Mountain Teachers in the Crownest Pass, Alberta? Perhaps you know someone in our community who speaks of ‘Grandmother Celestina’.

mountain graphic.png

This one day introductory ceremony is an opportunity to meet with Elders and like minded people and be acknowledged by a Mountain Teacher. The day will be spent on the mountain and during the evening we will gather around a sacred fire.

Harvest Ceremony

From Spring to Fall

Friday Oct 18, 2024

Community Fire Ceremonies

Ongoing Monthly


As the light in the skies begins to fade and the winter season approaches, it's time to gather once again by the sacred fire and share the gifts that the seeds of our hopes and dreams have grown and made possible for us.

We give thanks for the bundles that have held them and set them free.


For many, these casual monthly gatherings are an introduction to a Sacred Fire Ceremony, and for others, a long held friend. Hosted by Elders Maureen Durant and Scott Weiler they are held once a month either in Calgary or Bearspaw. No previous experience necessary.

Feb-June - Third Wednesday of each month.

Contact: Scott Weiler

Ceremonial Elders

The team of Elders who host these ceremonies, and more, are:

Jaki Daniels, Sylvie Boustie, Maureen Durant  Mica Buchanan, Charmaine Ross , Kim Conard and Scott Weiler. These are the ceremonial leaders in our community, the ones who gather and host the varied Circles, and also the ones who bring forward the teachings of the Mountain Spirits, and Grandfather Fire.

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