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Rose - Day 7

December 23/2020

When I eat it appears to lower the immune system.

Echinacea in the morning.

Relaxation with Rose.

I am not good at relationships. Where do I begin?

Speak with me please.

Then a Gratuitous overwhelming feeling.

I speak in feeling. All you have to do is put your attention on me.

I am Essence.

I am everywhere yet nowhere/now here/no where.

Imagine sitting 'here" forever - In Eternity

Eternal Awareness

What are you Rose?

You are what I am.

We are one in the same, expressed differently.

Thank you!


See? That’s how we do it.

Feel excited to communicate this way!

Thinking it can be done with anything!

Hush, slow down.

We are here.

Stay here.

Ha ha, yes we are.

Okay. ☆


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