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Rose - Day 27

January 13, 2021

The joy of sharing a pear with a deer at six am.

Did creatures always eat or does that come from us?

Perhaps it is density.

The more dense the more need for physical food.

Get these feelings like I want nothing to do with ignorant people - with ignorance.

Is that superiority?


Good news is you don’t have to have anything to do with them/it.


Simply keep spreading what you feel is wisdom.

It will reach whoever it needs to, whatever it needs to.

It is not personal.

Wisdom, when relayed, is not personal.

Wisdom, when received, is personal.

Let that be with all things.

When that little conniver comes in the head you know it’s personal.


And then reading page 107 of Esoteric Psychology I!! (Alice A. Bailey)

And then page 110!!

And then page 116 & 117


The whole theme today is impersonality!


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