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A return to the healing ways of our indigenous ancestors

There is an entire world of healing agents that you may not have known existed. These medicines are not accepted within our current medical systems, either allopathic or naturopathic, yet they are real.

The Medicine Path invites us to reconsider the old ways – the ways of our indigenous ancestors. The original peoples of our planet understood both the beauty and necessity of knowing Mother Earth as they knew themselves. As a result of this deep relationship with the land,  the medicines of the natural world became known. This book tells the story of how one woman returned to those healing ways, re-kindled a connection to the earth, and now shares the resulting healing gifts with her community.

The Medicine Path is available in print and ebook at,, Kobo, Chapters/Indigo, and Apple Books and other fine retailers.

Also available from Country Garden Crystals in Crossfield AB.

While reading this remarkable book, I found myself experiencing several eureka moments, realizing Jaki's work is on the leading edge of mind/body healing and is, quite possibly, the future of medicine on this planet. What the dominant medical model has not accounted for is the meaning and role of consciousness and spirituality in the healing process. This glaring error has left a vacuum that inevitably needed to be filled. Jaki adeptly employs a combination of perceptual and energetic skills while using plants and Chinese Medicine as sacred allies. 

Most importantly, Jaki ALLOWS the vast intelligence of the natural world to move through her on behalf of her patients. This is no small feat. Most of us have been conditioned to manipulate and control nature, not listen to it for guidance.

Having just undergone a protracted illness and come out the other side I can say that I found the following words from The Medicine Path to be incredibly perceptive: “ When we are struggling and suffering we cannot see ourselves clearly. We can only see through the filter of dis-ease or dis-function. It is far better to place yourself in the hands of someone who not only holds the medicines but has the skills to see you as you really are.”

Since the personal and collective are two sides of the same coin, when we heal the self we heal the whole. To be seen as we truly are, within the greater context of the natural world, is powerful medicine. The Medicine Path reveals the mechanics of this process.

Loaded with healing stories and chock full of ancient wisdom, this book gives genuine hope that we humans can remember the “old ways” as an essential ingredient in our evolution towards peace and balance. Read it to get inside both the soul of a Canadian medicine woman and the mind of nature.

Bill Pfeiffer, Author of Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture

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