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Rose - Day 17

January 3, 2021

The scent is lingering, changed, coming out?

Since eating (cooked food) on New Year’s Day.

Interaction brings forth change.

Smelled perfumey all day yesterday and still today.

Prefer to be clear and clean.





Comes with Acceptance.

Acceptance diminishes preference.

Disinterestedness in oneself.

(See notes)

Rose Tea.

See, you are sharing wisdom, and it is being received.

Feel a bit of elation.

This is where stoicism and disinterestedness in oneself comes in.

Elation presumes outcome.

Ease into Grace with the changing times.

All can be found right here.

What do you seek?

When attention goes out it is never satisfying.

Enjoy your lovely home, with lovely Mama, with lovely family.

You only want to fly because you see others do so.

There is no need.

The need is at home. ♥

We (Mama and I) shall travel together in spring.

You are not of time.

You are not of seasons.

You Are Not.

AH HA!!☺︎

Where you are not, All Is.

I am so grateful for family here. Why leave?

To return!!☺︎☺︎ HAHA!!☺︎☺︎

Quote at the top of the page in my journal this day:

"Travel not only stirs the blood…It also gives strength to the spirit."

Florence Prag Kahn



I proceeded to open the book I was reading, Esoteric Psychology I by Alice A. Bailey, and disinterestedness in oneself was the subject ;) page xxi


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