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Rose - Day 29

January 15, 2021

Our designated time is coming to a close.

Yet, we are timeless.

Keep seeking in the depths and in the heights.

Yet what is always in front of you is key.

And yet, we are not of space.

The person consuming your thoughts does not understand how you think.

Let it go.

Their views are too fanatical.

And your views too lax for them.

If there are layers one is on the outer; the other inner.

If there are levels one sees from on high; the other another high, incapable of the full view.

One is impersonal; the other personal.

You both think you are the highest yet you both know nothing.


I won’t tell them that! ☺︎

One is about goals and attainment.

The other Sees From this ultimate goal and attainment.

One sees One Life, All God.

The other is striving for That.

Now that it is written perhaps it can be let go.

The 'sureness' borders on arrogance; yet the soul is so gentle.

Let them have their arrogance, their fanaticism.

You will know how to share or not share wisdom.

That is why we are here.

You did good yesterday.

You saw right away where it was going.

Maybe next time say, "I don’t know."




The Ultimate Truth.

Thank you!!

The space where nothing matters is the space that matters most.

Stoically say, "I do not know."

All that’s ever left to do, is laugh! ☺︎☺︎☺︎

Sinking Deeply In To Love

A Space That Nothing Penetrates


Divine Dreaminess

Very intense ringing in right ear.

It’s not even ringing.

It’s high pitched frequency.


First time in the fourteen months since this began that it hurts physically.

Thank you, is all there is to say.


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