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The Rhythms of Wellness
 Follow the wisdom of the ancient sages and align with Nature’s cycles for greater health and wellbeing.

The Rhythms of Wellness is a small book introducing a remarkable feature of ancient Chinese Medicine; the precise understanding of how the timing of the sun as it moves across the sky affects our internal timing and organ function, now known as circadian rhythm. Written from the perspective of an eager young apprentice learning from the wise Master, it gently introduces the ‘clock’ that reveals our internal patterns of ebb and flow, affecting mind, body, emotion, and spirit, alerting us to how we can align with these natural cycles to improve our health, wellness, and happiness.

We experience life on multiple levels and aligning with these rhythms can improve our functionality and wellness in a variety of ways. For example; we not only digest our food, keep what is nourishing and discard what isn’t, we digest our experiences and discern who and what is ‘good’ for us. The insights provided in this book help us to recognize all the ways we function, and then goes on to alert us to the patterns and timing that keep us running smoothly.  Includes simple instructions on how to follow the clock and achieve more harmony in daily life.

The Rhythms of Wellness is available in print and ebook at,, Kobo, Chapters/Indigo, and Apple Books and other fine retailers.

Also available from Country Garden Crystals in Crossfield AB.

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156mm x 234mm - 91pages

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