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Jaki's Posts

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Health and Healing

The Medicine Path

Jaki and the community share their knowledge, thoughts, and inspirational stories of health and healing.

Community Sweatlodge


Relationships Matter

Heartwarming Stories and teachings that help build community.



The Tranquil Kitchen

Whether it is growing, preparing or eating food, Jaki has tips, recipes, and insights worth sharing



Spiritual Teachings

The Elders Speak!

Teachings and stories from the community's relationships with Nature and Spirit

Heeding the Call


Book Trailers and Podcasts

View trailers and podcasts to learn more about Jaki's books and the journey they document.

Scottish Weather Beings


The Dr.'s Corner

Dr. Chris Daniels (Ph.D.) discusses the philosophy of Relationships, Science, and Indigeneity in today's complex world.

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