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Jaki has published three books: Heeding the Call, The Medicine Path, and her newest book The Rhythms of Wellness was released Dec 1, 2020.

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If you are new to Jaki's books watch her tell her story here!

"In the summer of 1999, just weeks after I began training with Eliot Cowan, I had an experience while hiking in the Rocky Mountains that I can only describe as ‘spiritual’. While I couldn’t know it at the time, that one event set the course of my life in a new direction, changed my personal outlook on healing and medicine, and my understanding of the true nature of the world around us. I discovered that there was a full, rich, and formerly untapped resource that was just as real as the physical world I could verify with my five senses. I found myself venturing into realms I never imagined existed and had much to learn. The journey to understand the nature of that experience and the world view I was introduced to took approximately five years, and culminated in the publishing of my first book Heeding the Call: A Personal Journey to the Sacred."

"Through intense experiences of spiritual connection I learned first-hand what the ancient sages, wise men, and medicine people of our planet had all known—that Nature was alive and conscious and could be a personal resource of growth and healing. I came to understand how our Indigenous peoples had learned about food and medicines, animal migrations, weather patterns, and how they had ‘come-to-know’ the ways of living and being that ensured their survival.

After those five transitional years, I felt I had a solid foundation and began drawing upon my new understanding and skills in my healing practice, with wonderful results. After another eight years had passed, I decided to share the features of this way of life, both professionally and personally, in my second book, The Medicine Path: A return to the healing ways of our indigenous ancestors. My newest release, The Rhythms of Wellness, is about the importance of aligning with the cycles of nature (now known as the circadian rhythm) in everyday life."

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