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Rose Day 21

January 7, 2021

Cool, dry, encompassing equilibrium.

So frustrated with Mama! Don’t tell me what to do!

She is the same lol

Rub a drop of Rose all over.

The Ship of Relation enters rough waves at times.

They are all within.


Go sit in sun.

Sun cures all.

And birds ☺︎

And Rose! ☺︎

Maybe lay off the decaf.

Perhaps coffee in general is not good for me.

Alters the mood perhaps.

(see Notes)

Next time only carob, cashews, dates and vanilla in my drink.

Maurgarite Maury’s Guide To Aromatherapy - a lovely book.

Go back to reading and this is what is read:

"But of the greatest interest is the effect of fragrance on the psychic and mental state of the individual. Powers of perception become clear and more acute, and there is a feeling of having to a certain extent outstripped events. They are seen more objectively and therefore in truer perspective. It might even be said that the emotional trouble which in general obscures our perception is practically suppressed."

Or perhaps transmuted, absorbed, integrated. It goes on. A good read.

Rose Quartz feels 'right' now.

We conversed and melded.

The fearful energy has gone.

Just had a chat with an owl!

Hooting back and forth in the darkness.

Then watching it fly off from its elusive perch.

What a wonderful feeling.☺︎

Callings and urges must merge.

Breath and smell are intertwined.

The breath can be held and other senses work.

Not smell.




I have not consumed any coffee products since and the mood is now beautifully balanced. No more frustration and childishness, which seemed to be a key connection/side-effect. I have also since done some digging into coffee/caffeine which led me to some fascinating articles. The ones which speak to me most deeply are written by Jason Christoff. Give them a search, if you dare. It may change your life, in unimaginable ways.


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