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Rose - Day 12

December 28, 2020


Are you like a drug which eliminates the lower levels of vibration/consciousness in order to experience the higher levels?


And yes.

I work on the lower levels, rather than "eliminate" them for a few moments.

With drugs the lower levels come back in full force - even stronger.

With me they are integrated and transmuted.

Dealt with.

With all plants (when used respectfully).

With drugs there is an off-balance.

We plants bring things into balance.

Help me be of service.

You are always being of service.

Don’t you see that?

Help me be of a higher vibrational service.

Service with a capitol S.

Selfless Service.

Is there such a thing?

Service which feeds the Soul.

You already know it as it is always felt.

And known.

They work together.

Knowing through feeling is Intelligence.

Knowing through thinking is Intellect.

Emotion always interferes.

Yet aids in development once seen.

Aids in integration.

Intelligent emotion is Beauty.

Intellectual emotion is not.

When you work with us, you work with Intelligence.

To soften the intellect.

And the emotion that comes with it.

Intelligence heightens (=) Intuition (God)

And vice versa.

The Unknown God.

"To know God is to be God." Ramana Maharshi

Fall into Mystery.

There lies Peace.

Fall Into Peace.

There lies Mystery.

See how deep we can go.


There is an alwaysness about the slowness of the plant kingdom.

An availability at all times.

It’s not necessarily knowledge that I am seeking.

It’s the depthness.

How to be like That.

You are.

Attraction to distraction distracts.

(big smiles)

Photography is distracting.

Only the reason why is.

There’s a hurriedness in wanting to share.

To see how people respond.

Does it matter?


It’s starting not to.

Don’t plan, do.



The book Power vs Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins was a big catalyst for me in understanding levels of consciousness and the role drugs play in that respect.
Here is brief outline:


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