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Rose - Day 19

January 5, 2021

Did some kundalini yoga last night.

Felt nice to do again.

A definite important addition, especially when not ingesting physical food.

Ultimate transformation - from childish to childlike ♥︎

"Something that’s never lived has a fear of dying.

-self is afraid of mundaneness

-self is seeking for self yet can’t find it

-self knows its irrelevance

-self takes things personally in order to "be" a person

-the out is before you’re in

-you can’t escape what you’re not in (self)"

"My Alberta Gypsy Fairy"

(see Notes)

There are so many substances available to us to explore.

You must always explore that which calls to you.

Not urge.


Calling is from the substance.

Urge is from ego.

Very subtle difference.

With urges there is doubt.

With calling there is not.

Never guilt surrounding calling.

You were a calling.


Eating physical food is an urge.

Reading is a calling.

We tend to ignore callings and "satisfy" urges.

Yoga is a calling lol

Mind is full of urges.

Spirit is always calling.



I was listening to my dear friend Paul Hedderman this morning, more juiciness here at


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