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Rose Essential Oil - An Introduction and Request

Aromatherapy Class Notes:

Rose Oil.

As soon as I inhale Rose I feel soothed.

The aroma is soothing.

The emotion is soothing.

Surprisingly, the taste is bitter/spicy.

Journey to the Spirit of Rose.

I lay down and am feeling so relaxed. I am not laying on the ground, I don’t reach it, as I am gently floating above, over piles of feathery, billowy pink petals with a down-like softness.

A beautiful lady rises out of the petals. She is sheer and pink.

I hear,

"Love, Compassion, Enlightenment, Smiles, (I smile) Joy, Floating.

The brain. I rest the brain.

Rub me on your broken heart.

I amalgamate cells and people and solar systems.

I help one through karmic struggle.

I invoke Gratitude and Service.

Hearts. Hearts. Hearts.

I am good for skin. Replenishing.

I offer lightness in traveling in this dense earthly body.

Take my hand. Feel the warmth in the softness.

I will ease your falls.

Joy. Peace. Relaxation.

I will slow you down to a soothing pace where all is accomplished without turmoil,

without even realizing it.

I infuse Ease, Flow, Comfort, where strength breeds.

'I Love You’ is an action, not a phrase.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

’Do’ means Love.

Energy follows thought.

Think Love.

Love heals, micro to macro.

Impersonal Love is the Key to Healing.

In Love there is no two."

As the drum is calling me back I ask, is there anything I can offer?

Response: "Big 'L’ Love."

I sit to meditate with Rose.

Left hand is over right hand over heart.

"Where do we go from here?"

"There is no 'where' to go but here."

I see the heart slowly opening like the petals of a beautifully abundant red rose.

My head keeps tilting up to the heavens.

"Stop meditating. Go sit with Mama. Share the Love."

I offer Mama Rose.

Mama’s sense of smell has diminished greatly over the last few years.

Her "life losses" are gains to her.

She thanks God for everything.

The shakiness, the hearing loss - both beginning at a young age - all her senses waning now.

She doesn’t know gratitude.

She IS Gratitude.

She exudes IT.

IT is her nature.

A dear friend sends an image while Mama and I are sitting together. I will include it here.

I tell my friend how fitting the image is and explain I am working with Rose oil this week.

She tells me she has been surrounded by and sitting with Rose these past few days.

Working with the oil and the flowers.

How wonderful! How fitting ;)

Instantly I am shown how it is the quality of time spent together, with Mama, with anyone.

It was less than five minutes with both, yet so heartfelt!

I go back to meditate.

All can be reconciled in Love.

Guilt. Shame. Anger. Depression. Anxiety.

ALL point to the need and want for Love.

When one realizes that this Love comes from within, All is Reconciled.





by way of Blooming and Blossoming from Within.

The thousand-petaled Lotus. The thousand-petaled Rose.

Johfra Bosschart, Libra

In another Meditation:

Being of Service in and from the Heart is the Great Inoculation.

Mama just smelled Rose again and recognized it. She likes it. We talked about Mary and the Rosary and she told me what Saint Therese of Lisieux said before she left this plane, "I will send roses down."

Upon further research I found this quote:

"When I die, I will send down a shower of Roses from the heavens, I will spend my heaven by doing good on earth."

St. Therese of Lisieux


A Request

On the final day of the aromatherapy course, during our closing ceremony, Rose appeared.

I introduced myself, politely offered thanks and asked how I may be in service.

This was Rose’s response:

When you help to open hearts your own heart is opened.

Keep this in your heart/thoughts wherever you go.

Share the wisdom from the heart and watch it unfold in others.

That is the Ultimate Gift.

Sit with me for 30 days then begin.

You may practice in those 30 days.

It is your initiation into the Path of the Heart.

The Path of Love.

Hence, 30 Days with Rose, A Personal Journey into the Heart of Wisdom was borne.



When Rose speaks she will be in italics

Note: "Shamanic" journeying is a way to engage in direct connection and communication with the Plant Spirits.

In the aromatherapy course Rae Dunphy True Essence essential oils were used. We spent a week getting to know each oil intimately. For this week we used Rose Otto.


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