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Rose - Day 8

December 24, 2020

You smell different today. Is that you or me?

You are more ever-changing in the vibration you live in.

I am not.

Yet my effects will vary according to what needs are brought to me.

Yesterday you wanted to know me, my deepest qualities.

Today your mind is more active and you are latching on to that activity.

I bring what is asked for.

What is ingested also has an effect.

Not that it needs to, yet it may.

We are both potential.

And we meet in relationship.

However that may look.

Your thoughts are on cooking and making oil blends and sharing and being with family today.

Let that bring you Joy!

Go now.

Or sit a bit more.

I am always here. ♥

Some people I don’t understand.

Why would you want to?

To get into the depths of their hurt?

We are all hurt in some way.

This is all that needs to be understood.


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