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Rose - Day 18

January 4, 2021

No solids today.

It affects too much.

Too heavy.

Heaviness is unpleasant.

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.


We all aid each other in the plant kingdom.

There is no jealousy.

That is brought in by humans.

There is no black magic.

Only one’s belief makes it so.

Agitated today.

Make a Rose tea.


Why do you have thorns?

To protect the blooms.

You have thorns when you don’t have blooms.


I offer the extremes of duality.

From spiky thorns to velvety soft petals.

One can’t know one without the other.

There are many levels/facets to this.

An open heart is a state.

It illuminates the way.

Once it is felt it can always be felt.

It is a lovely glow.


Even when it appears not to be so.


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