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Rose - Day 1

December 17/2020

Upon awakening I noticed that the Desert Rose plant had bloomed.

I’m new at this.

No you’re not. You’re ancient.

Taste is very bitter at first, then the essence of Rose comes through.

Drop on forehead. Drop on heart. Sit.

Stay here. Stay here. Stay here.

The "heights" are not important.


We will work on the head first.

Diving in head first! :))

Fingers on temples. Wanting darkness.

Rose Dieta.

Put me on the base of the spine.

Now is a good time to read your books. And colour.

No more raw cacao drinks, no more stimulants.

Was tempted to do a DCK sample a friend had sent me but Rose won me over.

Thank you Rose.


The commitment has been made.

Rose and cacao don’t mix. Will have to adjust diet.



For 30 Days I used dōTERRA Rose Oil.

There is a spot on the floor where I sit to meditate and this was the designated area where we sat throughout the 30 days. We sat every morning upon awakening, every evening before retiring, and many times in-between. The breaks in sits/communication will be separated by an ♡.

What is a Master Plant Dieta?
In traditional Amazonian "shamanism", the master plant dieta is a process in which the dietero enters isolation in the rainforest, adheres to a very limited diet, and ingests and cultivates a relationship with a plant to learn the teachings and healing modalities that the spirit of this plant has to offer. Source: ttps://

DCK is a psychedelic. "DCK- 2’-Oxo-PCM (also known as deschloroketamine, O-PCM, DXE, and DCK) is a lesser-known novel dissociative substance of the arylcyclohexylamine class that produces dissociative, anesthetic and hallucinogenic effects when administered." Source:


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