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Teaching and Mentoring

Jaki Daniels

Jaki has offered in-depth programs as well as workshops and classes, both in person and online.

The current in-person, in-depth program is:
NEW Herbal Wisdom through the Sacred Medicine Path
A two year in-depth hands-on journey in nature with plants and herbs.

Workshops\Classes (online):
A Personal Journey Through the Medicine Wheel
March 2024-February 2025

Personal Development and Wellness



Introductory Somatic

Gentle movements with awareness to reveal tension, relieve pain, and calm the nervous system.

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Herbal Wisdom

Herbal Wisdom Through the Sacred Medicine Path - NEW

Plants and herbs offer their gifts in a variety of ways. Through relationship and ceremony, they teach us how to bring those gifts forward

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Voices of the Earth

Voices of the Earth

The earth has many stories and when  humans take the time to listen deeply, we too can become storytellers and share the earth’s wisdom.

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Learning to Journey

Learning to Journey

The art and practice of the Shamanic Journey is a foundational skill that opens many doors for spiritual explorations.


Plant Medicine

The Spiritual Wisdom of Plant Medicine

A direct experience of tuning in to nature and experiencing the wisdom that is available.

Scottish Weather Beings

Weather Beings

Entering the Circle of the Weather Beings

Deep exploration and engagement with the forces inherent in what we call ‘weather’.

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The Medicine Wheel

A Personal Journey Through the Medicine Wheel

Get to know yourself at a deep and soulful level while exploring ancient ways of developing relationships with the spirits that guide and teach.


Animal Communication

Animal Communication

How does an animal perceive the world it lives in, and how can you better understand their needs?


Private Mentoring

Private Mentoring with Jaki and her practitioners

Guiding your skill development, identifying needs, nurturing the gifts.

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Sacred Aromatherapy

The Art of Aromatherapy
Level I

Every essential oil has a spirit and a character. Through connection, friendship, and experience, their entire world becomes available.


The Rhythms of Wellness

The Rhythms of Wellness

An introduction to the basic patterns and features of life and human functions, as they apply to health and wellness.

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Five Element Healing

Five Element Medicine Path Practitioner Training

A comprehensive program to learn what people really need and how to help them heal.



The Art of Shapeshifting

An advanced class in releasing the self and extending our awareness beyond our own nature.

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Sacred Aromatherapy

The Art of Aromatherapy
Level II

Practitioner training in the art of personalized, custom blending that addresses the body, mind, and spirit.


Incan Soul Retrieval

Incan Soul Retrieval

Reframing the past, healing the wounds, and exploring the gifts that may be hidden. For healing arts practitioners.


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing Methods

For practitioners who want to bring these deep and ancient skills into their practice.


Private Mentoring

Private Mentoring and

Guiding you in using your gifts to help others.

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Shamanic Journey

Mastering the Journey

Where journeying becomes both a personal resource and a way to help others.


Animal Communication

Animal Communication
Level II

Further studies  to provide this important skill as part of your healing practice

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