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The Spiritual Wisdom of Plant Medicine

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Levels I -II and a Reconnection


When the traditional medicine people turned to the plant world, they turned to the spirits. Plant spirits are teachers, friends, and allies. Through developing a close relationship with them, the shaman-healer discovers the ways that each plant can best serve the healing needs of individuals and the community.The practice of ‘sitting with the plants’ and learning through direct spiritual connection was historically one handed down as oral teachings through a lineage of elders to select students.

This age-old and powerful practice has seldom been written about, or taught in the West. This introductory weekend workshop will provide an opportunity to learn how to ‘tune-in’ to the plant world at a very deep level, where you can learn about the medicine of plants – from the plants themselves! From there, a more expansive world of using plants for healing unfolds.

Jaki's Introduction for Level 1

Level I

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Being able to tap into the spiritual wisdom of a plant and develop a two-way communication is such a special experience. It opens up our perceptions of the possibilities that the natural world holds for us. But the teachings and the medicine gifts of the plants are not offered only to expand our personal understanding of the nature of the world around us, they are offered so we can use them in practical ways to help those around us who are suffering. The shamanic path is ultimately one of service.

PLEASE NOTE: Experience in shamanic journeying is a pre-requisite for this workshop.


The all-day Saturday and Sunday times are divided between outdoor work with wild plants and classroom instruction. In some settings a closing ceremonial fire is held, and is optional for students.




I was amazed and in awe of the experiential nature of this workshop.  I am more aware of plants and continue to give thanks for this introduction to their kingdom and wisdom. 

K.M. June 2015


​Thank you for the magical experience.  I truly felt like I delved deeply into my senses and soul this weekend.  I loved being supported by Jaki and the group!  It was wonderful to meet as a group and then individually introduce ourselves to plants.  Sharing our experiences as a group, helped me see that I can trust myself and my relationships with nature.  I left the weekend with my heart singing.  Thank you.

E.W. June 2015


Right from the start Jaki's down to earth and gentle informative approach had me enthralled in the traditions and power of plant medicine. The comforting space and the encouragement of expression made for an easy environment to explore and get to develop a relationship with plants. I eagerly await the opportunity to reconnect and to learn more from Jaki about traditions and the ways of the plant medicine world.

C. S. June 2015


I found the workshop to be an affirming and creative experience. Learning to be still and listen to plants is like learning to use a sense you didn’t know you had; and when you listen it’s like remembering things you have always known. Jaki is a skillful teacher; she is direct and focused, providing guidance and clear instructions. Doing the workshop with a group is great; it’s amazing to learn from each other as well as from the plants.

C.C. June 2009


I just wanted to thank you for the well organized, information packed workshop on Sacred Plant Medicine. The workshop was given in a deeply spiritual and sacred manner and I felt very honoured to be in the presence of the other students and the beautiful plants themselves. It was exactly what I had hoped for and much, much more! The personal experience time with each plant was incredible and this has really opened a long-awaited opportunity for me! To be able to talk to plants is one thing, but to know that I am truly experiencing answers and getting information back from the plants is so encouraging. It also made me realize that I had already been getting messages from the plants all of my life, even though I was not completely conscious of it. I have now had the confirmation and the invitation from the Plant Kingdom itself, and I am truly overwhelmed by the generosity and love that the plants have for humanity.

D.B., 2009


I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop last weekend. It was really an eye opening experience for me. I feel like it was something that helped me gain confidence in my instincts and those “feelings” that I have had so often. It gave me a bridge to connect and open up the lines of communication that I knew existed but never knew how to or had the confidence to explore.

S. M. 2009


Thank you Jaki for having forged the path and for having helped us get to know our plant friends and neighbours – my world is much richer for having taken your class.

J.K. 2010


Of the many diverse workshops I’ve taken over the years, this one is my new all-time favourite. It was challenging, without a doubt, and I felt stretched that weekend! I arrived with a lot of desire to explore the subtle world of communicating with the plant people, but also fully prepared that I might totally suck at this work and be unable to hear the plants talking to me. Instead of failure I was like the baby robin, nudged out the nest, only to discover that I could fly! And what’s more, every student that weekend flew. Jaki created a warm and safe “go for it” space. Add to that, she’s super fun to hang out with.

L. C. Kewlona, BC, 2009

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The Spiritual Wisdom of Plant Medicine
A Reconnection

For this workshop participants will gather together as a group and spend the day in a natural environment area where we will conduct two plant studies, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Instruction will include a review of the process of working with plants at this level, sharing and interpreting our findings, and guidance on how each individual can fine tune their approach and connection.

This workshop is intended for those who have completed The Spiritual Wisdom of Plant Medicine – An Introduction. Some students may want to re-visit that training and refresh their skills, others who have been working with the plants on their own will appreciate a chance to ask questions and refine their techniques. Either way, come and enjoy a day with the plants!


Pre-requisite: The Spiritual Wisdom of Plant Medicines – Level I



The Reconnection Plant Workshop provided the perfect opportunity to be with the plants in a whole new way.  As I go on my spirit journey, I change, my spirit changes and the plants easily recognize exactly where each individual is.  It is a wonderful way to spend the day by refilling, recharging and realizing where your spirit is, along side the spirit of the plants.

Thank you Jaki and fellow participants for allowing me to be exactly who I am.

C.P. July 2015


 What an amazing workshop! Having a connection with the spirit of plants will forever change the way that I perceive the world.

D.M. July 2015

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The Spiritual Wisdom of Plant Medicine - Level II


In Level II each student learns a variety of ways to ‘deliver the medicine’ that the plant nation has offered. Through a combination of our unique understanding of the inherent nature of the plant and their medicinal uses (on all levels body/mind/spirit), and our individual approach to interacting with others around us in a supporting, healing manner, we bring the two together and allow the healing to unfold.


In order to be effective in this approach it is critical to understand and develop skills in the area of bringing what is offered at the realm of Spirit into the realm of Matter. The medicine gifts of the plant can be as effective, if not more effective, than physical medicines alone, which do not take the unique needs and character of the ‘patient’ into consideration, and are often offered as symptom relieving agents, as they do not hold to true power to heal.

Due to the in-depth nature of this program, the pre-requisites are:

  • Considerable experience in shamanic journeying

  • One to three years’ experience in working with the Spiritual Wisdom of Plant Medicines

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