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The Rhythms of Wellness

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Modern medicine and science are just beginning to understand what the ancients have known for millennia, what you actually know deep within yourself.  The light of the sun helps regulate our cycles: metabolic, hormonal, neurochemical and more.  Consider giving yourself 5 days to connect with this extraordinary healing and regulating force in the way nature intended, guided by a deeply respected practitioner, author and teacher, with over 30 years experience in the field of natural healing arts.

In this workshop you will be introduced to the ancient ways of connecting with the healing and balancing power of nature according to the wisdom of the Chinese sages, through the Five Elements Classical Chinese Medicine tradition.  Time will be spent in guided activities, classroom learning, ceremony, and independent time to experience the changes within that are being brought forth.


The Rhythms of Wellness focuses on two Natural Laws; both sourced from the wisdom and knowledge inherent in the Five Element system of Classical Chinese Medicine. These will also be built upon with our modern day understanding of health and human functions.

The Law of Yin and Yang: These are the foundational teachings of balance and will be both our starting point and our recurring theme. Every feature of our life and health operates best within a dynamic range of balance. Understanding how to apply this Natural Law will help you to become confident in your own health planning and decision making.

The Law of Midday/Midnight, or The Chinese Clock: The second is an introduction to the relationship between our body’s internal clocks and the cycles of the sun as it moves through the sky. We will be drawing on the wisdom of the ancient Chinese Sages to guide us, through learning about the Five Elements and the phases of ‘body time’ that influence our ability to function on all levels; body, mind, and spirit.  We will explore our personal relationship with Nature’s cycles, assess where we are flowing with ease and grace, where we are experiencing resistance, and where we are downright stuck. Teachings, Inspiration, meditation, movement, and heightened awareness of flow will be the vehicles for experiencing our own rhythms directly. The teachings of the Sages will gently inform us of the optimal patterns and their timing, nudging us toward greater alignment. Integration happens at our own pace and every step taken brings us closer to the health and vitality we all seek.

You will leave with meaningful, practical techniques to incorporate into your day and into your life, allowing you to build on your innate resilience and fortitude.   More importantly, you will have an awareness of your own foundation and what both supports and compromises your wellness.​​​

The cycles of light are powerful influences over living creatures and living forms, and are one of the most direct and immediate influences on our cycles. As part of nature, people have internal clocks, internal mechanisms which are guided by the light, the sun. Just as creatures hibernate in winter and people sleep at night, the light of day holds within it a much ignored series of additional cycles that promote and support health and longevity. These teachings will serve to highlight those other cycles and guide you in using them to your healthful advantage.”  -

Jaki Daniels, Rhythms of Wellness

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