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The animals have a lot to teach us! Through exploring shamanic methods and a shamanic spiritual path, the animals are available as guides and totems in so many different ways, from our power animals to the totem animals of the medicine wheel.

In this class, we take the experience even further, to experience what it is like to BE an animal. With step by step guidance, and each stage of the work building on what you have done before, you will discover the art of ‘Becoming’ and find an animal to shapeshift into.


This is a deep, awe-inspiring exploration of the possibilities of shamanic training.


For advanced students only.

Eagle on drift wood


"A workshop that I was looking forward to and never let me down. From the day I registered until the day it was completed I looked forward to every minute of every session. I am one that loves to be in nature, walking along feeling the energy and seeing the animals and vegetation. Being connected to nature energizes me.  This workshop brought me closer to things in nature more than I ever expected or experienced before. It showed me nature through the eyes of the animals; seeing and feeling the earth beneath the animals feet; sensing what the environment means to the animals for survival; the feeling of being either the predator or victim or both - sensing the adrenalin or the fear that goes along with these two things. A workshop that I connected with and something that I want to practice regularly so I don't forget."

K.M. Calgary 2014


"I knew I was ready for this workshop but having read nothing about shape-shifting beforehand, I wasn't sure what to expect. I have to say this workshop changed my life in so many ways I’m conscious of and so many I’m not aware of yet, one month later. Jaki introduced us to mind-challenging concepts and led us through the exercise in such an intelligent way that I cannot feel anything else but amazement and admiration. I am slowly introducing the concepts into my practice and expecting them to bring me to new levels of awareness which will greatly benefit my clients. I would recommend this workshop to all people but would caution that it is not for beginners,  as it might be difficult to grasp the depth of the teachings."

S.B. Calgary 2014


"The Shape Shifting class was a far reaching and a life changing experience.  There were many twists and turn along the way creating unexpected outcomes and shifts of perception. I am thankful for Jaki's expertise, guidance, and wisdom in knowing how and when to support all of us in the class."

C.P. Calgary 2014


"It is difficult to describe in words what occurred in this course as it goes beyond anything I have felt or experienced in my life as of yet!  The shape shifting course completely blew the doors off of what I perceived to be possible.  Jaki will take you to the edge of what you believe and gently and safely nudge you forward. It was Jaki's guidance that allowed me to put aside my hesitation and bear witness to the limitless ways in which we can communicate and directly experience all aspects of our world, even those we aren't aware of!"

K.C. Calgary 2014


"If I could sum up the shapeshifting class in one word it would be WOW.  This class was beyond my expectations and pushed me to grow in new ways.  Thank you Jaki."

M.D. Chestermere 2014

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