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The Five Element Medicine Path Practitioner Training Program
For an application form and program summary please contact us.

The Practitioner Training program spans three to four years and is divided into two main components: the classroom portion for two years, offered in an Intensive Format (8 sessions of 4 days each and regular self-directed homework assignments); and the clinical portion, taking typically 1-2 years. If you’ve read Jaki’s book, The Medicine Path: A return to the healing ways of our indigenous ancestors, you will have been introduced to Jaki's unique approach to natural healing; combining Classical Chinese Medicine – Five Element Theory and the healing ways of our indigenous ancestors, which involve an intimate relationship with Nature and Spirit, and connection with the land on which we live.

The technical foundation for the program is based on Classical Chinese Medicine - Five Element Theory. Textbooks used are written by J.R. Worsley, the man who brought this method of diagnosis and treatment to the Western world. 

Jaki's program invites each student to bring forward their unique talents and gifts, crafting and developing them to the point of proficiency within the context of the Five Element framework.  This program is designed for serious students who want to dedicate their lives to helping others. The focus is not only on relieving illness, but optimizing the possibilities for health and well-being, harmony and flow, on all levels; body, mind, and spirit.


2022-2024 Program

​In April 2022 a new cycle of training began, organized into a series of “intensive” sessions to accommodate out-of-town students. Session dates will not be announced until February 2022, with the program starting in April 2022, sessions being approximately 3 months apart, ending in the final classroom session in February 2024.

Internship/Clinical Supervision is arranged individually with practitioners after they have completed the classroom portion of program (and accompanying assignments), and is required to become a practitioner.  

NOTE: THIS IS A SMALL GROUP TRAINING AND IS CONDUCTED IN THE STYLE OF THE TRADITIONAL WAYS, with oral teachings, sharing circles, both classroom and outdoor field work, self-directed homework, and most importantly, an acknowledgement and nurturing of each student’s unique gifts and talents. Training is limited to twelve registrants.

For an application form/summary please contact us.

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