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The Art of Aromatherapy  I

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A Personal Journey to the Heart of the Medicine

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 Flowers, incense, perfume and essential oils – the aromatics of our world are one of the most precious gifts of Nature. They enhance our lives in a variety of ways,  from simple pleasures to complex medicine. The science of aromatherapy is to identify the chemical components of each oil, which defines their therapeutic applications. The art of aromatherapy is to know the “heart” of the aromatic components of each plant, to understand their character and nature, the unique gifts that each plant offers, and the type of people who can most benefit from using them.

This 10 week evening course focuses on two key aspects of Sacred Aromatherapy:


  1. Developing a deep understanding of 10 essential oils and where possible, the plants they are sourced from. This exploration will be unique in that we will be guided by the inherent wisdom in the plants themselves. As a result, we will be able to discern their most potent applications. Our vehicles into the heart of the medicine will be personal experience, intuitive knowing, and the shamanic journey.

  2. The practical considerations of using essential oils as medicine, which includes methods of administration, dosages, safety considerations, etc.


Each class (other than the first one) will start with a review of the ‘findings’ of the essential oil we have been working with since the previous class. Then, approximately ½-1 hour will be spent covering basic aromatherapy theory and practice (applying to both animals and humans). The remaining class time will be dedicated to experiencing a new essential oil directly.


This course is available as a classroom course and is also available through live-on-line distance learning.

Please note: the nature of this class is that, as a group, we will be developing a ‘body of knowledge’ of essential oils through direct perception and shamanic experience. There will be homework each week of continuing to ‘learn through experience’ the qualities of each essential oil. Students should consider this program a 10 week immersion into essentials oils and a dedicated course of study. Also, each student must be comfortable to share their findings with the rest of group, both through in-class sharing, and the passing along of written materials. One of the key advantages of this program is our willingness to share and build upon each other’s findings.


 This is a unique opportunity that is not available through any other aromatherapy program!


A series of 10 weekday evenings from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. - Next Class starts February 22, 2022.

Cost: $ 495.00 +gst

Supplies: 10 essential oils will need to be purchased for an estimated cost of $225.00. A list will be supplied prior to the course.

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Shamanic Journey experience is a pre-requisite for this class. Please note Introduction to Journeying workshops that are available.

Jaki received her Advanced Aromatherapy Certification with Honours, from The Michael Scholes School of Aromatic Studies, Los Angeles, in 1997.



'"I had the opportunity to take “The Art of Aromatherapy” course taught by Sylvie Boustie and developed by Jaki Daniels.  The class was absolutely amazing.  With Sylvie’s guidance we developed a very unique relationship with each oil we studied.  The teachings she offered were so insightful.   Not only did I learn so much from Sylvie but I learned from my fellow classmates.  Sharing our individual teachings from spirit was not only informative but validating.   I will never think about essential oils the same again.  If you want to deepen your understanding and relationship with essential oils I highly recommend this class.'"

D. Weinberger, AB, 2015



"Jaki Daniels is a gifted healer and teacher. She uses these skills to facilitate a remarkable workshop; The Art of Aromatherapy: A Personal Journey to the Heart of the Medicine. It has been my experience that profound information can be ‘known’ when working with Jaki’s unique approach and development of aromatherapy. ‘Jaki, Thank you for believing in both the plant spirits and the human spirit and having the wisdom to bring us together.’ This workshop will humble you and inspire you to ‘really see’ the plant world around you.'"

L. Valcourt, Calgary, AB, 2010



"Thanks so much for offering such an in depth exploration into the nature of essential oils. The Art of Aromatherapy: A Journey into the Heart of the Medicine enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of the energetic use of essential oils, each oils “personality” and possible applications for use in daily life. A whole new world of learning and experience opened to me. This class was not only a great adventure but it was a journey of deep learning, personal healing and an expansion of my world view."

Val Andrews, Calgary, AB, 2010


"I would like to thank Jaki Daniels for showing me how to form relationship with the plants, and their essential oils, in a way that encompasses all my senses. It is about learning how to let the plants and the oils share their medicines and gifts in a way that is so personal so heart touching. Once you meet and get to know the Spirit of the Oil you will never look at that oil with anything less than awe and respect."

Karen Fee Calgary AB 2021


What an amazing class and experience!! This is exactly what my heart had been searching for... a connection to, and development of, relationships through the Plant Kingdom and Nature. My walks with Nature will never be the same again.

SG Calgary, AB


I have recently completed both levels 1 and 2 of Aromatherapy with Jaki. It has truly been a transformative experience. Jaki‘s unique way of introducing you to the art of aromatherapy is magical! To be able to connect with plants and share their gifts is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for in-depth knowledge of essential oils and how to work with them.

Leanna W. Airdrie, AB

The Art of Aromatherapy II :

​Practicing the Medicine


In The Art of Aromatherapy, Level I: A Personal Journey to the Heart of the Medicine, the main focus of the course was to delve into the sacred nature of essential oils through direct perception and shamanic journey, compile the teachings and knowledge received, and develop a database of the ‘medicine’ and uses of 10 essential oils.

The focus of Level II is to take that knowledge and put it into practice. Whether or not you are interested in taking the step to become a “practitioner”, your deep understanding of the essential oils can help many of the people around you; friends, family, pets, etc. but you need to know how to use the oils effectively and safely.


The course will include:

  • Working with clients on a one-to-one as a ‘practitioner in training.’ You will be asked to find between 1 and 3 clients to work with for the duration of the course, i.e., 6 months. If you wish to work with animals, those would be in addition to the ‘human’ clients.

  • Learning the art of blending oils. In our approach to aromatherapy, recognizing the unique needs of each individual, all blends will be custom made.

  • Exploring the nature of 10 additional essential oils to complete your Basic Kit.

  • Practitioner training/mentoring. You will be guided to develop your skills at assessing clients’ needs, determine which oil/blend will be most efficient and effective, and how to monitor and evaluate their progress. This will be done through the presentation and discussion of the case studies at each class.


This program is unique in its focus on developing skills to assess the client’s needs at all levels, body/mind/spirit. It is only through the combination of deep understanding of the client and deep understanding of the nature of the essential oils that the two can come together and fulfill the possibilities of healing.



"This course is a great choice for those who want to learn how to bring the gifts of Jaki’s unique approach to aromatherapy to clients in a healing practice.
In this course, I was encouraged to continue to develop my skills in gathering information directly from the oils themselves and from my own experience with them instead of from a book. Learning to trust one’s own intuition feels like a stretch at first for those who are used to trusting intellectual ideas and information gathered by experts above all else, but this small classroom environment is a supportive and safe place to do so. Part of learning from the oils themselves is learning to perceive the information that they offer clearly and without biases or pre-conceived ideas, and as a teacher Jaki is very skilled in pointing out what is right in front of you, and in challenging any assumptions you might make about the gifts and medicines a particular oil presents to you.
Along the journey, I was shown how to engage with my plant allies, who support me in body, mind, and spirit, and show me how to help others. This course provided me with the tools of perception to gauge how an oil is bringing wholeness to a client. As a class, we used role-playing to practice helping clients. This was an extremely practical exercise that really helped each student see their own habitual behaviors that got in the way of perceiving what the client really needed."

C. Cummings, Calgary, AB, 2011




"It’s been almost a year since we finished the Level II Aromatherapy Course, Practicing the Medicine, offered by Jaki Daniels. I can now say that this course has changed my life – forever. Since completing it, I’ve started a practice which includes what I call ‘Spiritual Aromatherapy’. For me, Spiritual Aromatherapy means that there is no cookie cutter approach. Different oils are going to work best with different patients and it might not be the oil a book suggests to use….It’s really about matching the best oil with a patient, at the spiritual level. This is the fundamental teaching delivered in this unique class and this is what guarantees the success of the treatment.
As a result, there is not a day going by without me using essential oils one way or the other…and they always work! It’s absolutely marvellous, amazing, and enriching. The oils have offered their healing powers to people suffering everything from benign cold sores to surgery recovery, shingles to frozen shoulders, and emotional and spiritual problems. Using the oils with animals (only with their permission) has also helped cats suffering from upper respiratory tract infections or emotional distress, dogs with neurotic behaviors or skin infections after fighting with porcupines... I’m amazed every day and I want to spend the rest of my life working with the essential oils, the spiritual way. Thank you so much Jaki!"

S. Boustie, Cochrane, AB, 2011

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