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Incan Soul Retrieval


This course is a deep exploration into the layers of reality and the chambers of the soul. The practitioner is guided how to work with a client’s needs, over time, so they can release and reframe their past woundings and embrace their gifts and passions.

These teachings were brought forward by the ancient Incas, whose Mountain teachers guided them in these arts. Today, we draw on that ancient tradition and bring it into the present under the tutelage of our modern day Mountain teachers, who will initiate us into the rites of seeing into the soul in this way.

There are four chambers:

The Chamber of Wounds / The Chamber of Contracts and Promises / The Chamber of Gifts and Treasures / The Chamber of Passions

Once the chamber work is completed, the doorway to Destiny can be opened.

In this healing work clients begin where they are, exploring their past in a symbolic way and preparing to shed what no longer serves them. Over time (usually about 6 months), the Chambers are visited one by one, and the true nature of the client is revealed. In between they have the opportunity to integrate and to grow into wholeness.

This training is for healing arts practitioners who want to offer deep and transformative soul work to their clients. It is important for the practitioners to be skilled and experienced in leading others through such intimate and revealing processes.

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