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Voices of the Earth

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When the traditional medicine people turned to the plant world, they turned to the spirits. Plant spirits are teachers, friends, and allies. Through developing a close relationship with them, the shaman-healer discovers the ways that each plant can best serve the healing needs of individuals and the community.The practice of ‘sitting with the plants’ and learning through direct spiritual connection was historically one handed down as oral teachings through a lineage of elders to select students.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Being able to tap into the spiritual wisdom of a plant and develop a two-way communication is such a special experience. It opens up our perceptions of the possibilities that the natural world holds for us. But the teachings and the medicine gifts of the plants are not offered only to expand our personal understanding of the nature of the world around us, they are offered so we can use them in practical ways to help those around us who are suffering. The shamanic path is ultimately one of service.

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