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Entering the Circle of the Weather Beings


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One of the ways that shamanic practitioners and medicine people can serve their communities is through the development and maintenance of relationships with aspects of their natural environment.

From Jaki’s book, Heeding the Call, page 12:

“The medicine person was a master of relationships, between people and their health, patients and their families, their village and the weather, the nutritional needs of the people and the plants and animals nearby that could sustain them.  The shaman’s role was to understand the factors that supported the health of these relationships and to bring them into balance and harmony”.

The focus of this two day workshop is to be introduced to the natural and spiritual forces that are involved in the weather,and begin a relationship with them. Under Jaki’s guidance you will meet and come to know the ‘weather beings’ as well as gain an understanding of other relationships in the natural world which influence the phenomena we call ‘weather’.

Scottish Weather Beings

Please note: this is not a course in controlling weather or making rain, but one of developing relationships, understanding the myriad factors involved with weather (including plants and mountains) and learning how each one of us can play a role in contributing to harmony rather than chaos in the communities we live in.


Pre-requisite: Significant shamanic journey experience



Entering the Circle of Weather Beings is an amazing inner exploration of what most people consider external phenomena. This workshop facilitated a deep and profound expansion of how we experience weather and our relationship to the elements and energies that are weather. We have a renewed and deeper understanding of our experiences of the outer world and our place within it. Thank you!
Val Andrews and Peter Piasecki, Calgary AB, 2010


This workshop will change your life -- guaranteed! How often do you get to be introduced, then sit and get information from Weather Beings? Most likely never! After taking this class, you will never think of Weather the same way… you will never look at a Cloud the same way… you will never sit under a Tree the same way….
S. B. Cochrane, AB, 2010

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