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Shamanic Healing Methods

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This course is offered in two parts and is available only to advanced students and requires significant experience in shamanic journeying and a well established relationship with your power animals, teachers, and guides.

Part 1- Extraction of Intrusive Energies: In the realms of shamanism and energy medicine, it is recognized that origins of distress and illness, while real, can also be invisible. Therefore modern-day medical diagnostics and assessment will not reveal true findings. In this class you will learn how to find, diagnose, and remove a variety of energetic influences that has an effect of compromising the patient at some level: body, mind or spirit.


Part 2- Soul Retrieval: Soul Retrieval is one of the ‘classic’ shamanic healing methods. Through trauma, chronic illness, stress, and other influences, part of a person ‘shuts down’ in order to cope. This is a natural defense mechanism that ensures our survival, yet is not meant to remain unresolved. The traditional medicine people knew how to return the individual to wholeness. This class draws upon that ancient knowledge and combines it with the unique healing gifts each practitioner can offer.



"It has been my previous experience to attend a workshop, take plentiful notes…and then go home and try to remember all my instructions. While I have found them to be informative and enlightening, I have always struggled with the recollection of details and methods used. Jaki’s unique teaching style has allowed me to return home feeling confident in my own methods because they are truly my own. I would highly recommend this workshop and would add my appreciation for the fact that Jaki has the wonderful gift of reading an individual and knowing what they personally need in any given moment. This can be very helpful when doing the intensive work we were sharing."

Debbie Newman, London, ON, 2009



"Many teachers along my path have touched me, but not anything close to the “way of Jaki.” Armed with the knowing that each and every one of us carries the seed that contains our very own unique way of expressing ourselves, Jaki reaches into our core and pulls the wisdom that is our birthright. Taught in a safe, gentle and loving way, I personally came away with a healing that was so deeply rooted, it collapsed many layers that were blocking my true nature. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jaki."

Diane Mayotte, Calgary, AB, 2010


"I have taken many courses from a variety of instructors and must say that the teaching method Jaki uses is unique, lending itself perfectly to students from vastly different backgrounds with different levels of experience and knowledge. By working with students’ individual strengths and gifts rather than teaching a method they must adapt later, she offers each of us a gift and a solid foundation for further learning long after the class is over, which is invaluable."

Maureen Durant, Calgary, AB, 2010

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