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A Day in the Life: A Medicine Path Healing story

A look into the past can shed light into what's possible now . . .

Date: December 13, 2021

Practitioner: Leanna Wysiecki

Client: name withheld


When students embark upon the Five Element Medicine Path training, they do so with excitement that they will not only learn a system of healing, but they will be supported and encouraged to develop their unique gifts. Some of these gifts will have been with them for years, perhaps from childhood, and yet others arise as they engage the work.

In one of these students, Leanna Wysiecki, we came to learn that she has a gift of seeing into what is typically described as a past life. And in the example below, the story of that life was revealed in the space of one day, from morning till night.

I consider this type of work to be ‘inspired’. As such, I don’t question the technicalities. Its not important to me if there is such a thing as ‘past lives’ in the literal sense. What matters is how the story is received by the person it is being offered to, how it is held, and what healing shifts it supports.

Past Life Story.

As it begins we are in a castle, in Scotland or Ireland, I’m not sure which. And there is a room, not a main room, but one that is on the lower level of the castle. It’s a nice little room with a fireplace, comfy bed, down mattress, and blankets. It has a writing desk in one corner, and a dresser. On top of the dresser sits a pendant that is like a star with a circle around it. You . . . are there and you are getting dressed. You are about 18-20 years old and you are brushing your long, light brown, almost golden hair. You braid it and twist it up on your head. You then place a cap, similar to what a Jewish priest might wear, but as you turned to walk I saw that there was a flowing, sheer, navy blue veil at the back. Then you go to the dresser to pick up the pendant, then leave the room. As we walk through the castle, it is early morning. People are bustling around but they all smile and greet you, very happy that you are there.

I then see that outside the castle, in the courtyard, there is a smaller building, which might be a church -- beautiful stained glass windows and stonework. You walk up the steps and go inside. It is not a normal church, it’s a type of church that honours the earth and the sky and the earth spirits. And so you walk to the front and there is a small altar. On the altar is some earth and a bowl, and some water, or maybe cider (or both) in little jars. You take the earth and you place it in the bowl and you mix in the cider or the water and you hold the pendant over the bowl. At first it starts to swing back and forth but then counter-clockwise. As it gets faster it starts to drop a blue light into the bowl and the bowl offers a blue light back, up to the pendant. Then you let the pendant die down at its own speed. Once it comes to a halt you place it back over your neck and pick up the bowl.

We are back at the castle. We go up several flights of stairs and come to a door. You knock. Someone tells you to come in. There is a pregnant lady in the bed, in labour. She has called for you because you are a midwife and you are the one that will help birth her child into the world. There is a name that she calls you but I can’t quite make it out. You place the bowl on the table, step up to the mom, place one hand on her belly and one on her head. Its almost like you are communicating with the child inside. You look at the mother and you tell her it is time. And so you lift up her dressing gown, expose her belly, reach for the bowl of dirt paste, and you mark on her belly, you make lines on her belly. At first I wonder if it is a cross but you keep going and it becomes a star. And you tell the mother that the child is of the stars and the star on her belly will welcome her to this new world and this new life. Then you position yourself below her and gently lift up the blankets and you can feel that the baby is starting to be born and so you speak kind words to the mother. Then you also speak kind words to the spirits and to the guides that are with you, the ones who help you with your work. You tell the mother to push and that she needs to help the baby be born. It is difficult for her -- she is crying and screaming. You gently tell her to continue on and that she is almost there. Almost as quickly as it began the baby is in your arms. You wrap her in some blankets, check the umbilical chord and hand the little girl over to her mother. You take some of the dirt paste and draw the same star on the baby’s forehead and offer her a blessing in a different language, wishing her a happy and full life. The mother is happy and exhausted and then you help clean up the Mom. The placenta and afterbirth is placed into a ceramic basin. You sit with the mother and you tell her how special her baby girl is, and that she is destined for great things. You sit quietly beside her and when both she and the baby are sleeping you gather up the ceramic bowl and make your way. You take the bowl and leave the castle and courtyard. Behind them is a grove of trees. There is a big oak tree that stands out from the others. You take the afterbirth and you dig and place it in a hole at the base of the tree, to return it to the earth. As you are doing this you are saying prayers for the spirits, prayers for the baby; who she was before, and who she is now. And then you cover up the dirt and pack it in tight. You then stand back and I can see that this is the tree where several afterbirths have been buried. It is a special tree that accepts them back into the earth. You then return to the church. There is a book there where you keep records of all the births and other life ceremonies that you have helped with. In the book, there’s a lot of pages that are filled. I can tell that you are sought after, that in some ways you are magic, and your gift is to bring children into the world, into the world living, non living, perhaps even earlier than they should be, but your gift is to help in whatever way possible. You are sought after from kingdoms and isles away and you travel distances to go where you are needed. It is very sacred work and you were called when you were younger to this work by a mother goddess. She gave you the pendant and taught you the skills to be in service in this way. I get the sense that she is of the star realm and she speaks to you often from the stars.

You kneel in front of the fire that is also part of this church, this altar. There is some lavender, dried thyme, and another flower I can’t identify. You take some and you crush them in your hands and say a prayer. You gently sweep the crushed flowers from your hands into the fire, giving thanks to the goddess that had gifted you the ability to bring children forth. You sit there, still, in a silent meditation for quite some time. And it is peaceful around you and peaceful within you.

Then you leave the building and now night has fallen. You have spent almost the whole day after the birth of the child, in silent meditation. I see you walk back into the castle, into your room. You place the pendant back on the dresser, and arrange it carefully. You go to the wash basin to wash your arms, hands, and face, and then I see you sit on the bed and then lay on the bed. You fall into a deep, restful sleep, and then I see the mother and the child once more. They are happy, joyful and grateful and basking in the connection between a mother and a child. They silently speak your name in gratitude and send you love.

The name they speak is Delia.

Feedback from the client, April 2022

"The detail that Leanna can unfold is astounding! As she relayed what she was seeing I got captivated by her words and actually forget that she was relaying MY story and not that of some novel. There were many times I had forgotten she was talking about ME! That person is ME in the story!

Since the reading I have noticed I have an inner self confidence in a way that isn't strong and overpowering but not unlike the gentle woman described. Everything in the snapshot of Delia’s story she treated as a ceremony, and with reverence. I have noticed I am now more aware of my actions and how I want to portray them, that is more in line with that type of awareness. Knowing I was this person at one moment in time also gives me great strength when I feel lost. It's been a few months now since the reading and I feel a merging happening. The remembering of who I once was and who I am now are coming together as one. When I am out in the natural world they too see me and recognize me... "She remembers.", they say.

Leanna's Past Life reading is truly an art and it has revealed to me another layer of who I already am."

If you are interested in receiving a reading from Leanna, she can be reached at: 403-809-5707


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