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Plant Journey Sample

The Herbal Wisdom Through the Sacred Medicine Path program is based on the premise that we accept Mother Nature, in her myriad forms, as a teacher. This teaching is not based solely on our observation of Her, but beyond that, and deeper than that, into a relationship with Her. From that place of relationship, which is reciprocal, we can inform Her, and she can inform us. One of the foundational tools or techniques we use to engage this dynamic is called a ‘journey’ or a ‘shamanic journey’ Another tool is focused awareness.


Here is an example of such an encounter, from my own plant study journal, which I hope will inspire you to what is possible, if you haven’t already experienced it for yourself. I am purposely shielding the identity of the plant here, so that if you ever approach this same plant, the guidance and insight received will be unique to you.



May 27, 2008


A meeting with a plant I’ll call “CC”.


The first thing I noticed was my breathing, how much deeper and fuller it was when I was touching this plant. I felt as though I was breathing all the way down my torso, yet I had done nothing to change how I breathed.


I feel very solid, grounded, rooted, strong, alert.


I gently took a handful of stalk and leaf and behind my closed eyes I saw myself as through an x-ray machine, being able to see only the bones, particularly the long bones of the body. An inner vision or scene appeared where I saw the bones break and the body crumble – its support structure had been compromised. I saw an animated CC plant and a fallen body in a patch of it on the ground. I saw the CC grow and move around the body, taking care of it, the large leaves stroking it and tending to this broken frame. The plants started to tighten. They wrapped themselves around and held themselves there. Inside the green cocoon I watched the body breathe deeply and fully.


Then I saw the breakdown molecules of CC moving through the blood and tissues of the body. They seemed a type of dark fluorescent green inside, and having an obvious nature that was different from the body’s other molecules. These molecules held lots of vitality within them, but I could see the liver and sense that too many of these molecules could overwhelm.


Oxygen, this plant doesn’t just help the body to breathe, its molecules help the body to take in and use oxygen. I immediately think of patients with emphysema.


I ponder how your breathing is about your relationship to the world around you. Do you take it in deeply and fully, or take only the shallow breaths that you need to get by?


I feel a sense of alertness. Something has shifted. My dreamy time with CC has changed to an intense focus on the physical leaves. The deep veins on the underside, their large lobes. I’m also more aware of the world around me, not in the sense of connection, but in awareness and observation.


My eyes feel sharp and clear, like the world has just come into focus.


I enter into a day-time dream with this plant (journey).


I saw CC in the Lower World. Tall, vibrant. I saw the plant spirit hover over them, fairy like on the top but the bottom half of his body was like a giant worm. Then I noticed that as I looked closer, I knew it was a green cocoon, and inside that cocoon, transformation was happening.


The scene stayed like this for a while, then I saw a patch of skin, not actually connected to anything, just a patch. I saw a red pathway through it, like a cut or a vein very close to the surface so it was visible. I sensed the CC plant, and in particular the infused oil, would be good for healing the skin.


I decided to inquire about the eyes, and CC showed me eye medicine. After I asked the question I looked over to see (shockingly) a pair of eyes in the ground, looking upward. As I stayed with the image I saw the capillaries at the back of the eye as roots into the ground. I understood that CC would help to strengthen the roots at the back of the eyes so the eyes could be more clear and bright and could focus better.


I stayed with these teachings for a while and then slowly and gently brought my awareness back to the physical world. I thanked CC for the gift of sharing some of its medicines with me and promised to return another time.


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