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Practitioner Directory

Jaki Daniels_edited.jpg

Jaki Daniels

Jaki has been a Natural Healing Arts Practitioner serving the Calgary area for more than 30 years. While originally focusing on herbalism, aromatherapy, nutrition, and Classical Chinese Medicine: Five Element Healing, her practice evolved to embrace a calling to rekindle the ancient ways; the indigenous style of healing that is rooted in recognition of the medicines that Nature provides and an understanding of the ways in which healing occurs.

Jaki currently divides her time between her healing practice (3-4 days per week), her training of Five Element Medicine Path practitioners, workshops and classes, writing, private students and apprentices, and the ceremonial services she provides as a Spiritual Elder (pipe ceremonies, sweat lodge ceremony, rites of passage, and more).

Her first book, Heeding the Call: A Personal Journey to the Sacred, was published in 2007, in 2014 she released The Medicine Path: A return to the healing ways of our indigenous ancestors ,and in 2020 The Rhythms of Wellness: Follow the wisdom of the ancient sages and align with Nature’s cycles for greater health and wellbeing.

Location: NW Calgary

(403) 274-2192

Maureen Durant_edited.png

Maureen Durant

While Maureen has considerable training in a variety of areas, including three Reiki modalities (Holy Fire Usui, Karuna and Lightarian Reiki), it is her natural, inherent gifts that set her apart from other practitioners and teachers. She has sought out traditional ways of learning and healing since 2007, being very drawn to the humane, holistic, and time-honoured approaches to health and wellness. She is a graduate of the Five Element Medicine Path Practitioner training and also has over 10 years of experience and training as a Reiki Practioner and Teacher.  If you would like to know more about Maureen, please contact her directly.

Location: Bearspaw, Calgary, AB

(403) 510-5284


Sylvie Boustie

Born on a small farm in the South of France, Sylvie moved to Canada in 1997. She was the first graduate of Jaki Daniels' Natural Healing Arts Practitioner training, which includes the Five Element Medicine Path, Aromatherapy and Animal Aromatics Practitioner, and Shamanic Healing Methods. She is now based in France and divides her time between her busy healing practice, her workshops and classes in Aromatherapy and A Personal Journey through the Medicine Wheel, leading ceremonies, and introducing people to the time-honored practices that serve to re-establish their relationship with the earth, bringing a depth of meaning and purpose to their lives.

Location:  Southern France

Tel: 011.33.647.35.45.41


Claire Cummings

Claire completed her training in Five Element Healing with Jaki Daniels in 2016. The discipline draws upon her unique healing gifts, skills and understanding of the elements and medicines available to us from nature. Claire also teaches meditation classes and leads ceremonies.

Location: NW Calgary AB

(403) 462-3416

Kim Pic_edited.jpg

Kimberley Conard, RMT

Kimberley has had a natural healing arts practice since 2003. While her background focused on Integrative Manual Therapy, including Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Massage Therapy with a specialty in chronic pain and trauma, she is most often sought out as a Five Element Medicine Path and Shamanic Healing Methods Practitioner. The combination of these studies give Kim a unique treatment style to view and feel the subtleties of the mind, body and spirit to address the true cause of dysfunction and disease. Kimberley also teaches various course’s, including Introduction to Journeying and A Personal Journey through the Medicine Wheel. Kimberley continues to expand her knowledge and awareness through her work with her Elder and teacher Jaki Daniels. For more information, please visit her website.

Location: SW Calgary, AB

Essential Balance Healing

(587) 215-6246

photo (2)_edited.jpg

Leah Valcourt

Leah Valcourt is a Natural Healing Arts Practitioner.  Her practice includes many energy based forms of healing such as Classical Chinese Medicine- Five Element Healing, Shamanic Healing Methods, Shamanic Aromatherapy, and Animal Aromatics.  Leah is also a practicing Reiki Master and Tutor, Counselling Hypnotherapist, & Certified Child Meditation Facilitator.

Location: South Calgary, AB

​(403) 938-7386

Silver Fire Holistic Healing


Miranda (Mica) Buchanan, RMT

Mica has been a student of Jaki Daniels since 2006.  She is a Five Element Medicine Path Practitioner, a Shamanic Healing Methods Practitioner and a student of the Spiritual Wisdom of Plants. She is also a 2200 hour certified massage therapist with an intuitive approach.  Mica offers a unique combination of therapeutic and relaxation massage with the intention of creating a safe and harmonious state where the body and being can move towards wellness on its own terms.   Using a variety of techniques, including myofascial and craniosacral, her commitment is to relieve pain and discomfort and allow her clients to experience a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Location: Bucerias Mexico

(52) 322 239 7077

Karen Fee_edited.jpg

Karen Fee

Karen has always been interested in healing modalities. Starting her journey as a Registered Nurse, she soon discovered that Western Medicine did not encompass a holistic approach to healing and began exploring other modalities, subsequently graduating with honours from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. While studying nutrition she was introduced to a new way of approaching and supporting people on their healing journey. She studied Reiki, both Usui and Karuna. She then began her training with Jaki Daniels as a Five Elements Medicine Path Practitioner, which she completed in 2020. This training includes studies in Classical Chinese Medicine and Shamanic Healing Methods.

Location: NE Calgary, AB

{403} 797-1681

Intern Practitioner Directory

Diane Martin

Diane Martin


Diane has always believed that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. This belief was reinforced when she started studying Five Element Healing with Jaki Daniels. In addition to being an Intern Five Element Medicine Path practitioner she is also trained in Shamanic Healing Methods,and is a Reiki master (both Usui and Karuna). As a healing arts practitioner she brings her unique gifts to each session to bring the full potential of the Chi (animating life force energy) to each client.


Location: Calgary AB

(403) 861-0521

Sonya Greyeyes_edited_edited.jpg

Sonya Greyeyes


Sonya's first introduction to the Natural Healing Arts was through Sylvie Boustie with  the Introduction to The Spirit of Aromatherapy Level I in 2016.

These teachings  led her to Jaki Daniels and further Aromatherapy training, including Animal Aromatics. She then embarked on the Five Element Medicine Path Practitioner Training course, which includes Shamanic Healing Methods, finishing her basic training and beginning her internship in 2020. Having always had a love for the outdoors, her journey fostered a deeper relationship with the Mountains and Nature, and the Healing medicine that they encompass. 


Location: SW Calgary, AB

(403) 245-0441


Leanna Wysiecki

Leanna has had a life-long interest in the healing arts. She is an intern of The Five Element Medicine Path and has also completed her Practitioner training in Aromatherapy. She studied and completed Usui Reiki Level 2 and is a certified Yin Yoga Instructor.

Specialty: In the course of Leanna's training in the healing arts with Jaki, she discovered that she has a very special gift/ability to read past lives, and now offers this service as part of her practice.

Location: Airdrie, AB

{403} 809-5707

Erica Welsh_edited.jpg

Erica Welsh, MSW


Erica has always been drawn to developing relationships with people and nature. Before beginning her training with Jaki Daniels, Erica practiced community based social work and research both in Calgary and the Yukon. Along with being an Intern Five Element Medicine Path Practitioner, Erica leads Five Element based Spring Forest Qigong classes. Five Element Medicine Path Healing and Five Element Qigong complement each other with their roots in Classic Chinese Medicine.


Location:  SW Calgary, AB


Alex Campbell.jpeg

Alex Campbell


Alex’ involvement in the healing arts was actually born out of personal crisis. After experiencing some healing sessions as a client and experiencing the results of those sessions, he was compelled to learn as much as possible in this field of healing. If he could help even one person avoid living and feeling the way that he had previously, that would be considered a great success! Over the years Alex has achieved a variety of skills to suit all sorts of individuals and needs. This including, but not limited to Reiki Master accreditation, Drum Reiki, Shamanic healing, space clearing, long distance/remote healing and of course the Five Element Healing method. Walking the Five Element path has ultimately awoke a calling in Alex’ life and he is heavily invested into becoming a certified, full time Five Element Medicine Path Practitioner!

“ Let me help you become the best YOU that YOU can be!” – Alex Campbell


Location:  Victoria and Kelowna BC (split time)

403-540-2230 (Phone or Text)

Meliisa Cave_edited.jpg

Melissa Cave

Melissa has spent the last decade both cultivating and refining her path, becoming certified in practices such as Reiki, Yoga, Sound, and Shamanic Healing Arts.. It all started with the wounding that initiated her own healing journey. Since then she has learned to dance in the path of beauty, remembering a simple truth—a flower begins as a seed in the darkness. Nature has shown her the importance of relationships, some of which informs her body of work, crafted in the art of listening with all her senses, to serve others as a guide in bringing the body, mind, and soul into harmony, with a strong emphasis on her intuitive gifts.

Sessions are offered with the intention to find the root cause of disharmony and restore balance, whether one on one, small group, distance healing, or with animals.

Location: NW Calgary, AB

{587} 969-1070 

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