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Indigenous Wisdom Plenary Lecture

As part of my participation in the June 2015 conference "Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization" I was honoured to be asked to not only organize the conference track on Indigenous Wisdom, but also to give the introductory Plenary lecture for the entire section. Keep in mind that this presentation was specifically to an audience that had embraced a relational worldview, as framed by philosopher/mathematician Alfred North Whitehead, so many of the references reflect that context. Although it is academic in its presentation I believe it is a relatively easy read for those interested. My topic was WHY, after all they have had to endure at the hand of Western Colonialists, should Indigenous people participate in a conference track such as this, where the intention was to once again ask for their ecological wisdom. In answering that question I spell out many of the reasons I believe that the wisdom of our Indigenous peoples is imperative if we are to survive the environmental disaster we have created.The video of the lecture (my part goes until 48:26) is below but you can also read the text in its entirety here:


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