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Jaki is based in Calgary, Alberta and offers her services through her wellness consulting practice, workshops, and gathering circles/ceremonies, She is recognized as a Spiritual Elder in her community, and combines her own experiences with Nature and Spirit (which she describes in her books) with over 20 years of ceremonial training with a traditional Cree Elder.

Please note: Jaki is not First Nations so cannot place her experiences in that context and culture.

“I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us, and we change things.” - Mother Theresa

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Herbal Wisdom Through the Sacred Medicine Path

NEW offering for 2024-2025

Space Limited - Deadline for applications: February 28, 2024

I am truly excited to be offering a program that is the culmination of my life’s learning.

This is a program about plants and herbs and the knowledge and wisdom that can be gained by learning from them. We will be eating, drinking, preserving, fermenting, creating medicines, using them in ceremony, and much more. It’s a course about plants as friends, plants as food, and plants as medicine, but no single approach takes priority over the others, except perhaps plants as teachers.

The curriculum is fluid, based on what Mother Natures offers in a given year and a given season. We will spend two years together, one Saturday per month (except for Dec/Jan), outdoors in Nature (the mountains) when we can, Zoom when we must.This then, is a program that leads you in the direction of coming to know plants and herbs. They will teach you, they will befriend you, they will heal you and they will enrich you. Would you like to join me?

Program Dates May 2024 - October 2025

A New Weekday class (Thursdays) now added.

Space limited for either the Saturday or Thursday classes so apply soon!

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Jaki's Featured Post Pages

Preventing Jet Lag


In this short article I speak about two powerful influences on our body clock; the passage of the sun across the sky, and our eating habits. Learn how to use our internal clocks to our advantage when we are traveling across time zones and want to prevent or diminish jet lag.

Click here for the Blog post:
Preventing Jeg Lag

Animal Aromatics - A Two Cat Story


The art of Animal Aromatics can have a profound and even immediate effect on the behaviour and health of our furry companions. Learn more about this fascinating yet gentle healing art through a story of Calgary practitioner Sonya Greyeyes.

Click here for Sonya's story:
Animal Aromatics - A Two Cat Story

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Book Reading Chap 1-3

Watch and Listen as Jaki reads Chapters 1-3 from her latest book that introduces a remarkable feature of ancient Chinese Medicine; the precise understanding of how the timing of the sun as it moves across the sky affects our internal timing and organ function, now known as circadian rhythm. Written from the perspective of an eager young apprentice learning from the wise Master, it gently introduces the ‘clock’ that reveals our internal patterns of ebb and flow, affecting mind, body, emotion, and spirit, alerting us to how we can align with these natural cycles to improve our health, wellness, and happiness.

Click here for Jaki's book reading:

Stacey Chisholm took a moment to stop and kiss her 3 year old son goodbye. “Mommy will be back in time to tuck you into bed. I’m just going to the hospital for some tests.” Little did she know that it would be a month before she saw him again. And not only did her soon-to-be-diagnosed deep brain abscess progress at remarkable speed, resulting in paralysis, she had no way of knowing that the healing she would be blessed to receive would be out of this world.

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A Personal Journey into the Heart of Wisdom

with Monique Janes

Red Rose
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Jaki's new post  page already has over a dozen new posts with more coming soon on topics including:

  • Health and Healing

  • The Tranquil Kitchen - Food growing, preparing and recipes

  • Teachings - Spiritual Teachings and Stories from the community

  • Community -  Stories and teachings that help build community

  • The Dr.'s Corner - Dr. Chris Daniels (Ph.D.) discusses Relational philosophy, science, and Indigeneity

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