The Five Element Medicine Path Practitioner Training

The Practitioner Training program spans three years and is offered in an Intensive Format (8 sessions of 4 days each). If you’ve read Jaki’s latest book, The Medicine Path: A return to the healing ways of our indigenous ancestors, you will have been introduced to Jaki's unique approach to natural healing, combining Classical Chinese Medicine – Five Element Theory and the healing ways of our indigenous ancestors, which involve an intimate relationship with Nature and the land on which we live.​

Jaki has developed a program in which the method used within this theoretical framework is unique to each student.  They are based on each individual’s inherent gifts and talents, the skills they are willing to develop, and the spiritual relationships they hold. It is designed for serious students who want to dedicate their lives to helping others and being in service through assisting with their healing journey of life. The focus is not only relieving illness, but optimizing the possibilities for health on all levels, body, mind, and spirit. More information.

Private Students

In private coaching and mentoring sessions, Jaki's focus is to support students in bringing forward their innate gifts and talents, strengthening their relationship with Nature and Spirit, and developing their craft to  a level that leads to both practical use and being in service to others. Each student therefore receives a customized training which addresses their unique needs. An initial meeting of one hour is suggested for those who are interested. Please contact us for more information.