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Herbal Wisdom Through the Sacred Medicine Path

Contact us to be notified when this  workshop will next be offered via on-line or in-person:

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This is an intensive and in-depth workshop that explores a medicine person’s ways with plants. The medicine man or woman is a gifted practitioner of the healing arts, combining their own skills with their ability to tune into the plant world and understand its ability to heal on a variety of levels. In the workshop The Spiritual Wisdom of Plant Medicines, you learned how to tune into the essential nature of a plant on the spiritual level.

In this workshop you will expand the scope of your knowledge to include all levels that the plants are able to assist us on, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual, yet still being guided by the plants themselves.

This workshop is limited to 4 participants and held in a natural environment.


Pre-requisite – shamanic journey skills and completion of Spiritual Wisdom of Plant Medicines or equivalent.

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